Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gnorm the Traveling Gnome takes on Charlotte...again

This was Gnorm's second visit to Charlotte, and he must have been feeling more at home....because there was a little Gnome-Gone-Wild action.
On the way to Charlotte we ran into my former co-workers, on the way to the same meeting....

At the meeting, Gnorm immediately asked to have his photo taken with Deborah..... but for some reason she does not show up in photos....

And then with one of the most helpful guys in the world....

Hanging out, keeping up on work....

Soon, despite his crazy nerves, he was able to deliver an inspired state of the Gnomeland address.

After day one of meetings, Gnorm needed a break and took a little cruise. It was a bit embarassing when he was leaning over the bow yelling, "I'm gnome of the world!!!!"

Later that evening Gnorm enjoyed some time at a local bar/arcade.... After playing some games, he and I decided to go into the photo booth that merges two faces to show what their child would look like. ummmmm..... yeah....Gnorm's mama must have gotten around.

In the car, Gnorm wanted to get close with Lindsay....

A photo of our accommodations for the week....

Gnorm, our friend Chris (the other most helpful guy in the world), and I drove around looking for trouble later that night.... Didn't find too much of that, but did find the eclipse

My friend Michelle surprised me with gnome salt and pepper shakers for my birthday. Gnorm wanted them to feel welcome.....

Overall, Gnorm really enjoyed this trip, but was glad to get home and take a break. Next week it's off to Detroit....hopefully no drive-by-shooting photos......

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Monkey Hair

I got out the scissors this morning..........

Monday, February 18, 2008

Winter in Wisconsin

Yesterday we got a half inch of ice...and then more than 8 inches of snow on top of it... Makes for a big mess but fun photo opportunities :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Aidan Quinn

Chris and I have an ongoing conversation involving celebrities.

We give each other a 'get out of jail free' card if one of a handful of celebrities were to want to steal us away.

So...if Jon Bon Jovi pulled up on his motorcycle and declared his undying love and burning lust for me...I could wave goodbye and ride off beside him into rock and roll bliss. And Chris would wave goodbye with a smile, with no hard feelings.

Same goes for Mark "Marky Mark" Wallberg, Johnny Depp......and Aidan Quinn. Mr Quinn happens to be on Law and Order SVU right now. I am pretty sure that he'll be over once he gets out of the studio for the night.

Chris gets to leave for Crush from American Gladiators

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The perfect girl for me

This morning I asked Libby, "why did God give me such a great daughter?" She replied, "because I'm the perfect girl for you". I said that she was right, and that Amelia is too. Libby said, "Yeah, but she's the naughty one"