Sunday, August 31, 2008

Crime strikes our house...Reward offered

Well, I woke up to a crappy finding on Thursday morning. Mr BAG, our 48 inch tall chainsaw-carved gnome was stolen from our front step overnight. This was not a little garden gnome sitting out in the yard somewhere...this was a four foot tall chunk of a tree. It took both Chris and I to move it from the driveway to the front step, and it wasn't easy.
Whoever stole him did it in the middle of the night, taking him from THREE FEET from our front door... and it had to have been at least two people and a truck.
He was going to be a family heirloom that would get passed down to Libby and Amelia and their children, etc. As dumb as it might sound, he was special to us.
The girls are both very sad about it, as are Chris and I. They cannot understand why anyone would take something and hurt a family's feelings so much. All of us are shaken by someone being on our front step at night...

I have a couple of theories:

1: teenage boys, about to start school, took him to prank someone.... he'll show up on a High School football field or buddy's front yard.

2: Teenagers thinking it would be fun to cut him into pieces and use him in their next underage drinking bonfire

3: College bound kid choosing him to be the new mascot of their frat house

Since we do not live on a main street by any stretch of the imagination, and you have to be going somewhere to pass by our house. We are in a quiet neighborhood off of the beaten path. If it had been on a main street where tons of people drove by every day, I would have thought it could be anyone in the world... but this has to be someone who lives in the neighborhood or knows someone who does. There are a bunch of teenagers in the blocks around us, and I expect that it was one of them.

Apart from the fact that we cared for this big 100+ pound gnome, he was not cheap. And we had him for one month before he was stolen.

I am still holding out a little hope that he'll make is way back...if he was a High School prank I would hope that an adult who sees it would call the police and report it 'found' and they would get it back to us. If, however, he shows back up on my lawn in one way or another defaced or damaged, I will be angry. Furious if my daughters see it like that. They are bothered enough by the theft.

so, if you are around our area, please keep your eye out for Mr BAG. He's pretty hard to miss.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

13 weeks....

No, not since I updated the blog, although I've been chewed out by several people about that.....(I've been insanely busy and barely keeping my head above water) but Phoebe is 13 weeks old today.
She went to the vet and she weighs..........
a little more than 25 pounds!!! She was 14pounds when we got her 2.5 weeks ago!! Yes, that's right, that would be 5lbs a week....and the vet said she's a little too thin and I should feed her even more. She'll now be up to twice the amount of food that the big dogs get!!! Can't wait to see what she weighs when she goes back in three weeks!!!!

Some new photos from the weekend. Sorry this is so short, but I'm slammed with work, photography sessions, and life!!!!