Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Before and After

Libby has been begging to get some color back in her hair, as the purple has faded completely. I told her that I'd make her an appointment with 'Sparkly Sarah'. Since Libby will NEVER let me put anything in her hair...barrettes, ponytails, etc...and her hair is wild and crazy, it's always in her face. SO I asked her if she wanted a new hairdo, and she was super excited. She wanted a 'messy haircut' and she picked her own style out of a book. She went for more of a short, asymmetrical 'bedhead' type style. She went to the salon today. My little rockstar is back in full force. I cannot believe how awesome she looks....I cried while she was getting it done because it's a total big girl haircut. She looks like she's so old!!!!! Chris and I, and everyone she's seen this afternoon/evening, thinks it's super cool. It totally fits her personality....which is so....Punky Brewster.

In true makeover fashion, here are some before and afters.




And on another note, now that the crazy Christmas Photo Season is ending, I'll actually have a little more time to keep up with the blog....I have been horrible, I know...but I'm back on track!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Can you tell....

....who is mainly Irish and Scandinavian and who is a good chunk Mexican? I'm still a ton more pastey than Libs even when I'm fully tanned in the Summer...I would love to have her skin tones :)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I know...I know...I have become terrible.

I never have time to post to the blog anymore!! I have been incredibly busy with photography jobs and my full time job (I've been gone 3-4 days a week every week for a while)
SO a funny hotel experience again......because there ALWAYS is one.

I got to my very nice, brand new hotel room on Monday evening and pulled back the covers to crawl into bed. There was a very long black hair laying across my pillow. I called downstairs and told them and asked for fresh linens. About twenty minutes later a male maintenance man came by himself to my room with new sheets. He came in and tried to make my bed but didn't know how. He kept turning the fitted sheet around trying to get the right end up. I was getting very uncomfortable, needless to say. My little friend told me that his 'helper' was on her way with pillow cases. She did show up after a while and the two struggled together with my sheets. They could seriously not figure it out. I was ready to ask them to leave and do it myself. And let me tell you, these were some very chatty maintenance people. Finally they finished and the girl got a call on her walkie-talkie asking if she was around people or alone. After my new friend told the desk person that she was in a guest room, the desk person told her that she needed her to deliver three days worth of tampons to room 416. We all died laughing.
Then, as has been the case on my last three trips, my key card stopped working and I had to go down and get it re-activated.
Then it happened again later in the day.
And again the next day.
The fourth time this happened during my three night stay I went down and said that I was getting frustrated. I had been in meetings all day and needed to change for an award dinner. She proceeded to tell me that they had me as checking out that day and they couldn't figure out where I was, since I hadn't checked out. So they deactivated it. After she asked the manager she informed me that they could allow me to stay another night in the room. She gave me a new key and I went up to find that all of my things were stacked up and ready to be removed from the room.
THEN when I went to my room after breakfast the maintenance friend from the first night was standing outside of my room washing the window..........

I'm in the Charlotte airport and about to board my flight to Detroit, connecting home...where I will find my brand new Canon 40D camera!!

I will try and be better about the blog, but I'm not promising anything. I do update my photography blog several times a week with images from new sessions.