Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Before and After

Libby has been begging to get some color back in her hair, as the purple has faded completely. I told her that I'd make her an appointment with 'Sparkly Sarah'. Since Libby will NEVER let me put anything in her hair...barrettes, ponytails, etc...and her hair is wild and crazy, it's always in her face. SO I asked her if she wanted a new hairdo, and she was super excited. She wanted a 'messy haircut' and she picked her own style out of a book. She went for more of a short, asymmetrical 'bedhead' type style. She went to the salon today. My little rockstar is back in full force. I cannot believe how awesome she looks....I cried while she was getting it done because it's a total big girl haircut. She looks like she's so old!!!!! Chris and I, and everyone she's seen this afternoon/evening, thinks it's super cool. It totally fits her personality....which is so....Punky Brewster.

In true makeover fashion, here are some before and afters.




And on another note, now that the crazy Christmas Photo Season is ending, I'll actually have a little more time to keep up with the blog....I have been horrible, I know...but I'm back on track!!!

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