Friday, May 23, 2008

We are blessed

If we weren't certain before, there is no question anymore....we are truly blessed. On Tuesday the girls and I were in a bad car accident. Our vehicle was totaled. And the girls are completely without physical injury. I have head to toe soreness and minor injuries to my right leg and left shoulder, but nothing serious. I'm just gimpy.

We had just left daycare and were on a 55mph highway. There was a lot of oncoming traffic and I was at a full stop waiting to turn left. A car rear ended us at highway speed without ever touching their breaks.

Our back window shattered, the frame was bent, the back end was pushed into the rear tires, the roof and sides were buckled. My driver's seat was twisted and bent back from the force. There was a chair in the back (our time out chair...and one that I use in a lot of senior portrait shoots) and it flew up and ripped two big holes in the headliner and actually made a big dent on the outside of the roof.

When I went back yesterday to clear out my personal items and take photographs, I found glass on the girls' toys which were on the floor in front of them. The garage door opener, which is normally up on the visor, was underneath Amelia's car seat. There were cd's out of their cases and laying in the back seat. Chris had a hand held jig saw in the back, too....with an exposed blade. The thought that it could have hit the girls makes me sick.

Libby keeps saying that Rainey and Grace were there and kept the glass from getting on them. I believe her.

Making this situation even worse, Chris was out of state. He did not get back until late last night... so I've been dealing with the horrible emotional aftermath it's had on the girls and on me, the physical pain, the flashbacks, the Emergency Room, the logistics of insurance, police, etc.... without him. It's been a very rough week and now that he's back I feel horrible--I suppose it's complete and utter physical and emotional exhaustion and burn-out. The last two days it's really set in and I've been feeling very traumatized and depressed. I feel like a sissy for it.

Yesterday I brought home a new car. The bummer is that in any other situation I'd be jumping out of my skin with excitement about it. It is a 2008 Ford Edge Limited.....a VERY nice car.... but I just can't get excited. it's just a reminder of why I had to get one and I really did love my yellow 2003 Vue, 'The Hornet'. I picked the Edge because it has a 5 star collision rated and 4 star rollover rated. Yep, it has every bell and whistle imaginable, but I could not care less about that. I just wanted the safest tank of a vehicle there is. I love the car, don't get me wrong, I'm just not all giddy about it.

We are incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends and family. I could not have done this without them. My mother has been an incredible help with me getting insurance/car/etc taken care of...and offering support. Thanks, Mom. You have been exactly what I have needed.

Tina, Katherine, Norah....thank you. We love you and you are family to us. Seeing Tina walk up right after the accident was the most comforting feeling in the world. Thank you ladies for taking us to the hospital, feeding us, holding us, entertaining us, and loving us. ...and for letting me drive Audrey the Jeep. She's a smokin' hot ride. I still can't figure out why you didn't let me drive the Land Rover, though...I mean it's not like I've had bad luck with cars lately or anything.....

Some photos I took at the salvage yard yesterday...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Gnorm takes on Miami

Gnorm and I went to Miami late last week and managed to hit the beach for a few minutes....
He was very excited to find a ant-filled coconut and two pineapples laying on the beach. He also really liked the salt water until disaster struck....

Gnorm wanted to be a lifeguard, but they said he was too small.

Best friends, traveling companions.....

Well, there was a near fatal accident on the beach when Gnorm got too close to the water.... I lost a lens cap to the ocean while racing to save him. Small price to pay.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Big Girl Panties

wahoooooooooo! Monkey is wearing her big girl panties!!! There's been one accident, but so far, so good! She gets very upset when I tell her we need to put on a diaper, and is SO proud of herself :) We're just sort of jumping in head first on this. I told her daycare provider that she'd gone on the potty the night before, and when I picked her up she was wearing big girl panties and had been using the toilet all day long. I'm excited for her :)
I think Libby only had two or three accidents when she started, so hopefully this will be as easy :)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Growing up

Well, Libby goes to Kindergarten orientation tonight. Wow. I cannot believe that she will be in SCHOOL already in a few months!! I'm so excited for her and I'm all emotional about my little girl growing up!

She got a two wheel scooter over the weekend and took to it like a fish in water. I will show a photo. There are a bunch of fun new shots of the girls on my Soul Reflection Blog also

And my little Monkey is starting to use the potty!!!!! Wahooooooooooooo!!! I see a diaperless future coming at me!!!!!!!