Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Easter Bunny came to town

Happy Easter!
We have had a sugar-filled and laziness-coated day. No bellyaches yet, but I see them in our future.

Our big Easter tradition is to plant jelly beans the night before....and then run outside in the morning to see if they sprouted. Did you know that the night before Easter is the only time of the year when jelly beans grow into lolipops? Pretty magical. They are beans, you know...
The only problem was that the ground was pretty frozen at planting time and very frozen at harvest time.... There were a couple which did not sprout, too.

The Easter Bunny brought lots of candy and a movie for each little lady. Amelia got the Backyardigans and Libby got Enchanted. We watched Enchanted this morning and we all LOVED it. Chris and I want to watch it again later today. I had no idea it was so good! Really, I recommend it to anyone, regardless of age.

OH and I started out the holiday with a Bloody Mary for Chris and I. Now THAT is the way to start a Sunday. Again, I highly recommend it...but not for all ages, I guess.

I built a new blog for my photography business and I'm thrilled with how it looks. Much more 'me' and much nicer having a custom blog on my own server. The new url is
Check it out and let me know what you think!

And now, of course, some photos

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gnorm and the Girlie Weekend


I took Gnorm along on a girlie weekend in Madison with my friends Megan and Dani, and he had a blast. It was pretty hard to get him to behave, especially since it was St Patrick's Day weekend.....
My gorgeous friends were willing to play model for me, too...I'll post some of those to my business blog

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bug turnes 5!

We had Libby's birthday party last week on Tuesday, at a new place called Monkey Joe's. It's a just a big indoor playground of big inflatable slides and obstacle courses and jumpers.
I have not been able to work on the photos yet, as I have a session to finish for a client. When I have a slow moments between the craziness I'll get the bday photos up. I did grab a handful so I could share a little of it. (Sheila, I should have your gallery up by mid-week)

first batch from libby's party

Friday, March 07, 2008

Gnorm the Ice Man

Gnorm and I flew into Cleveland this week into a big ice storm.

Much time was spent in airports....
near the much needed de-icers....

Because our flight was so delayed we didn't get into our room until after 11pm and we were getting picked up at 6:30am for our meeting we had a short night.
I took a photo of Gnorm of the time we got in....and then in the morning when we got up I tried to take another....but no matter what angle I shot at or what settings I used, I could not get the numbers to show up in the photo. It was bizarre....... and I must say it freaked me out a bit :)

And Gnorm wanted me to show you the ice on the hotel room window when we got in that night...

My daughter did not tell me that she owned a bar and restaurant...... Not happy about her stashing the money and not sharing....

Lastly, the view out of my hotel room of the icy airport the morning we left.....

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Today the girls and I played around most of the day, then I spent two hours chipping off the 2-3 inches of ice that covered our driveway from one end to the other. If anyone has anything stronger than Aleve for me, please send it this way.

Some photos from our day
The sky is Libby's ceiling that I painted.