Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Growing, Growing, Growing.

My little squirt is growing like a weed. Well, actually two of my girls are. Libby has grown so much lately. She looks so old and ready for school....it's scary how fast that happened.
And the other growing girl is Phoebe. She is growing fast and is a very good puppy. I plan on taking photos of her each weekend to track her growth. Take a look and see if you notice a difference!
Things are good in the house--my photography business is thriving, Libby is super excited for school, Amelia has been a sweetheart (she's nearing three, does that mean no more 'terrible twos'?? Chumley and Holly are adjusting well to the new puppy. Holly wrestles with her and she follows Chumley around outside with a look of pure love on her face. But really, whats not to love about my old man???

Monday, July 21, 2008

Phoebe is here!

Well, thanks to her breeder, Kristie, and her 28 hour round trip drive....Phoebe has arrived in the house! Chris and I drove to Albany, MN to meet up, so we had about a 13 hour round trip drive on Saturday. We took the dogs along with us and they did fantastic in the car. The girls stayed home with their extremely generous daycare providers and good friends. I cannot imagine spending 14 hours with two little girls after spending all week with a ton of them....but they did and we are blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Yes, there are a ton of photos...but what do you expect when a pet photographer gets a new puppy?????
The first one is right before she was taken to the pound..... you do NOT mess with a gnome. And don't you forget it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New and Exciting

All sorts of new stuff going on here these days!!
Libby is now riding her bike without training wheels!!!! What a big girl!!!
We got a 48" tall gnome carved from a log with a chainsaw!!! His name is Mr. Bag (Big Ass Gnome) and he's awesome. We ordered him while up visiting my mother and siblings two weeks ago and my mom brought him home with her yesterday :) We have the biggest gnome on the block :)
I'm going to drive to St Cloud, MN and back on Saturday because I'm meeting Kristie and my new baby, Phoebe!! I"m so excited I can barely stand it. She ended up not being able to fly her in because of the heat so we are road tripping it :) I feel a lot better about this anyway, since she won't be alone in her kennel all day in a plane. This way we can hang out and she can go outside...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Eight weeks and 13 pounds

My friend and favorite Mastiff breeder, Kristie, took Phoebe to the vet today and at 8 weeks she is 13 pounds. And to keep me from constantly harrassing her, she sent a photo from the vet office :)

She's an English Mastiff!

And Phoebe comes home on Monday (hopefully) now, since it's too hot for her to travel today. We can't wait!!

Last weekend we went up to Eagle River and stayed with my mom and her husband and got to visit a couple of my brothers and sisters. We all had a great time, and I thought I'd share some photos. I know, surprise, surprise :)

While we were up there Chris and I visited a woodcarver. He does all of his work with only a chainsaw and does incredible work. We commissioned a HUGE gnome!! My mother drove by yesterday and saw him working on it so she sent a photo, so I have to share that, too :) He'll be painted nice and bright traditional gnome colors and he stands about 48 inches tall. His name is 'Mr. BAG' (Mr Big Ass Gnome)

There are some other photos of the girls and nature shots from the weekend on my business blog, too.

Remember you can always click on the photos in this blog to see them larger :)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A new baby in our family!!

Good God, no, we're not pregnant.
But we are getting a new baby next week!!!!!!!! Her name is Phoebe and we'll have her next Friday, all the way from Montana!
Can you guess the breed?
She's six weeks in these photos (taken by my photographer friend, Kristie, who is also a breeder in Montana)....
This is a breed I've always said I'll have at some point
She will be quite large
They are described as gentle giants
They are very sweet and sensitive and attached to their owner
They are couch potatoes

I'm also sharing a couple of photos of the girls from this weekend. Libby is about to have her second visit from the Tooth Fairy and very excited.