Thursday, July 17, 2008

New and Exciting

All sorts of new stuff going on here these days!!
Libby is now riding her bike without training wheels!!!! What a big girl!!!
We got a 48" tall gnome carved from a log with a chainsaw!!! His name is Mr. Bag (Big Ass Gnome) and he's awesome. We ordered him while up visiting my mother and siblings two weeks ago and my mom brought him home with her yesterday :) We have the biggest gnome on the block :)
I'm going to drive to St Cloud, MN and back on Saturday because I'm meeting Kristie and my new baby, Phoebe!! I"m so excited I can barely stand it. She ended up not being able to fly her in because of the heat so we are road tripping it :) I feel a lot better about this anyway, since she won't be alone in her kennel all day in a plane. This way we can hang out and she can go outside...

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