Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A new baby in our family!!

Good God, no, we're not pregnant.
But we are getting a new baby next week!!!!!!!! Her name is Phoebe and we'll have her next Friday, all the way from Montana!
Can you guess the breed?
She's six weeks in these photos (taken by my photographer friend, Kristie, who is also a breeder in Montana)....
This is a breed I've always said I'll have at some point
She will be quite large
They are described as gentle giants
They are very sweet and sensitive and attached to their owner
They are couch potatoes

I'm also sharing a couple of photos of the girls from this weekend. Libby is about to have her second visit from the Tooth Fairy and very excited.


Jan Scott said...

Mastiff? Great Dane? SUCH a cutie! Congrats on your new "baby"!

Kristie Nicoll said...

I can't comment on the breed LOL since she's currently MY baby...ok, i'm just the mommy (really she thinks i am) but ya need to put up the newer pics lol. Especially if you are puting photographer ANYWHERE near my name lol. She's growing DAILY! You will love her.

Monica said...

I say Mastiff. DH had a Mastiff named Hayden.. but unfortunately he wasn't a gentle giant.