Friday, June 13, 2008

Come on in, Tooth Fairy!!!

Libby is officially a big kid. She lost her first tooth yesterday!
She knew that I was really sad that I was missing it, since I was in Nashville, so she told Chris that she was going to hide it so that the Tooth Fairy wouldn't find it until I got home to see :)
It's all wrapped up pretty and safely under her pillow, waiting for the exchange. The Tooth Fairy has decided that it will be a family tradition for the girls to get a charm for a charm bracelet (the bracelet comes with a charm for the first one, then just charms)every time they lose a tooth. Of course they get some $, too. The Tooth Fairy will also be leaving fairy dust (aka blue and silver glitter) on her pillow and up on the window sill, complete with tiny footprints in the fairy dust (from a Barbie doll) for authenticity. :)
We also started the tradition of having a Tooth Fairy party when the girls lose their first tooth....I got an ice cream cake and Libby wanted pizza, which we had after she went for a manicure and pedicure :)

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Shannon said...

Our tooth fair seems to leave a little glitter too. My son gets so embarrassed. Keeps him believing though. He's 9.