Friday, June 06, 2008

Happy Friday. Do something nice

Since Fridays are generally a pretty happy day, this assignment should not be hard to do. If you're reading this on Monday, even better. Any day is good.

Do something nice for two people who don't expect it. A stranger and a friend or coworker. I'm talking leaving a treat on their desk, or buying a soda for the person behind you in line for the soda machine... It's the whole 'random acts of kindness' or 'pay it forward' concept. Make someone's day a little better. It will make you feel better, too.

I go to Starbucks WAY too much, through the drive through. But every time I do, I pay for the person in the car behind me. Sometimes it's a tiny black coffee for pennies, other times it's someone picking up coffee for their coworkers in the morning.. I speed away because I don't like them to feel like they have to thank me. My Starbucks people know me by name and have come to expect it when I come through...the first time I did it with a different employee they totally questioned me about why I would do it. One day I actually went in to sit down with my girls and one of the employees came up to me and told me that one day when I did it it started a chain reaction of ten cars all paying for the one behind them :) THAT is awesome. It shows you how you can effect a LOT of people by doing something nice for just one person.

Do it. You don't need to spend money, either... you can cut a flower from the garden or write a note telling them that you appreciate them for something.

Go. be nice.

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Megan said...

You are so sweet!! Is that what prompted our fabulous delivery of flowers yesterday??

I think it is so cool that you buy people coffee at Starbucks!! If someone ever did that for me, I would probably follow them out to thank them!!

I love you sweetie!! Thanks for being you!