Friday, July 11, 2008

Eight weeks and 13 pounds

My friend and favorite Mastiff breeder, Kristie, took Phoebe to the vet today and at 8 weeks she is 13 pounds. And to keep me from constantly harrassing her, she sent a photo from the vet office :)


Monica said...

Big dogs are the best! Look at those paws! Truman was up to 116 lbs on his last trip to the vet. Sweet beasty!

Jenifer Samaha said...

Wow! 13lbs at 8 weeks! And we thought our Ridgeback was big at 15lbs at 12 weeks!

Phoebe is going to be a beautiful dog!

Kristie said...

yes it dMiss Phoebe is patiently waiting to come home ;) She is probably closer to 15lbs now.