Thursday, January 03, 2008

I need some prayers

My Golden Retriever, Chumley, has been with me for nearly 11 years. He is the first love of my life :) There are four little girls and one hottie husband who have since earned that title as well....
He has been growing big yucky bumps for a few years...some big, some tiny, mostly round. They've been checked out repeatedly and are just fatty tumors.
Last night I was petting him and felt a very large growth on his side. It was very different from all of the others....different shape, different feel, and very large. I took him into the vet this morning and she checked it out. She agreed that it was something to be quite concerned is the size of your palm and feels like it is actually attached to his last couple of ribs.
The vet took a couple of samples to send in for testing and also did a quick smear in the office to see if she could see anything. Well, some of the sample was fatty tissue, but this time there were some abnormal cells that didn't look good. She talked at length about cancer and what treatment she is recommending if the tests come back bad.
There is a possibility that it will come back okay, but she is thinking that it could come back as cancer or 'inconclusive' with a recommendation of removing the tumor.

So, I'm a mess. I am hoping that if you are one who believes in the power of prayer you will say a few for my Chumley. I am not at all ready to lose him yet. He's an incredible dog.

His 11th birthday is on Tuesday.


Monica said...

Prayers and love are headed Chumley's way. Doggy love is my favorite kind. For what it is worth, Truman has a lump the size of my palm on his side, that is also very hard. It sounds exactly like Chumley's lump, except his sample was just the fatty cells. I'm wishing the very, very best outcome! -From one who lost my very best friend in life when he was only 7, to lymphatic cancer, my black lab Eeyore.

Brettsie said...

I have sent a shout out to the big man upstairs for ya dog is in the same boat...need to take her to the vet now...hopefully hers are just fatty...she takes after her Mommie :)

Hang in there guys...Chum will pull through! :)

Jan said...

Oh my gosh, I am so sorry to hear this. My dogs are my first children, too, so I totally understand. Please keep us posted on his progress! HUGS