Thursday, September 04, 2008

First day of kindergarten!!!!

I can't believe it happened, but Libby started school yesterday. Kindergarten already!!!!

As predicted I cried a bit when I dropped her off... but she ran right in and joined her class. When I went back to pick her up, however, she cried. She didn't want to leave. Great sign that she loves it but a little heartbreaking for me, too :) She's such a big girl!!

A few photos of her with her daycare providers (who we consider to be family now) on her last day there Tuesday and some of her before we left for school yesterday morning.

Note that Amelia wanted to get into one with her big sister (it's a big deal for her, too, since now she's the 'big girl' at daycare)...just like Libby she is her own stylist and I love it. The Cookie Monster shirt with green floral skirt and tall brown suede boots on the wrong feet... that's a look that not many can pull off. I think she can totally work it, though :)

OH and still no sign of Mr BAG (Big Ass Gnome) which has us all pretty down.


Anonymous said...

We had the big Kdgn. day on Wed. at our house too. It's such a big step, but I think it's tougher for us moms to get a grip on the little ones getting older!

Renee said...

Rebecca-Sophie wore almost that exact same outfit to her first day as well. Too wierd!

Textual Chocolate said...

the pink outfit seems awfully tame for a child of the Klich household. Oh well, at least she has the hair streak to identify her as one of yours!