Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Off to Akron

I'm outta here again. Heading to Akron this time, then back to Cleveland and Akron again next week. Lovin' Ohio, I guess :)
We have an extra big dog this week while my newly married friend Megan is on her honeymoon. Louie rocks. Holly is in love, and there may have been a three way in the house last night..... but Chumley asked me to not tell anyone. He's embarrassed that it wasn't two females and himself, but more embarrassed that he loved it so much.
I looked at Libby after I got her ready for daycare (school) and she looked like a big kid. She was doing something or the other and I was watching her...she was facing away and I swear she looked like a 1st grader. She has sprouted up lately. And seems more mature, too. I'm amazed at what comes out of her little brain and mouth. This morning she told me to have a safe trip and that Rainey and Grace (our premie twins that we lost and would be nearly 6) will be with me and to come back soon.

Anyway, off to Akron. Later!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about your twins..
I am a twin. Your daughter sounds so grown up. Have a safe trip!