Thursday, April 24, 2008

Greetings from Cleveland

I swear that this post begins my return to regular posting. I've been horrible, and I know it. :)

First of all, THANK YOU to all of you who have supported me in my fund raising effort for March for Babies. Due to the generosity of my friends, family, and perfect strangers, I have raised $1500 for the March of Dimes!!!!! That is 50% more than my original goal!!

March for Babies is on Saturday, and as planned I will be running 12 miles for Rainey and Grace. Every year I approach the day with mixed feelings. It's a very emotional day for me...the reason for the event, the reason I'm involved, all of the gorgeous babies around who have survived their premature births... It is also a very happy day for me, as it's the only physical thing I can do for my girls. I can't change their diapers or teach them to ride their bicycles, but I can run for them and raise money to help other families from losing babies.
...and then there is the actual running Normally I am in the throws of marathon training at this time of year, so I get through it pretty well. This year I'm not running a marathon, so am not running 15-20 miles every weekend. Well, okay, so I'm not running nearly that many miles. So this year it will be more challenging than most.

All is well in our little world...very busy, but good. Chris and I have not spent a week at our house together all month. He was gone for the first two weeks, now I'm in Cleveland. I'm sure he's enjoying the break from me :)

Libby has Kindergarten orientation next week!!! I cannot believe that she's going to be in SCHOOL in a few months. How did that happen???? She is SO ready for it, though. Due in large part to her amazing preschool (Katherine, Tina, Norah...we love you.) she is way ahead in her development. The words she writes and reads, the art she creates, the way she tries to be a mom to Amelia... She's smart and strong and funny and just plain 'Libby'. I am so proud of my girls for having the confidence to be themselves. I think that if they continue to be confident and true to themselves, and feel free to express themselves, that they will be happier for it. I'm pretty sure that my little freespirit will be the only girl in Kindergarten with a streak of color in her hair...

Amelia is getting so big, too. I cannot believe that, either! She is so funny and sassy and smart and pretty. I could stare into those caramel eyes for hours. Her conversational skills have developed so much--it's so fun to talk with her and hear what's going through that little spunky mind.

Okay...some photos, as always.
hmmmm, well there will be photos when it lets me upload them....

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