Sunday, April 06, 2008


I have completely neglected this blog lately. I will be better, I promise.

I am getting ready for March of Dimes 'March for Babies' and thanks to my wonderful friends and family I have already exceeded my fundraising goal and there are still three weeks!! I'd love to keep going and blow my goal out of the water.

Since both girls have major sleeping issues we decided to move them both into one room and make the other a playroom. They do better now that they are together, which is great. We still are up a time or two each night, but nearly as much. And all of the toys are then contained in one room which makes it a little more manageable.

Yesterday we had a 60 degree day so we played outside most of the day. Libby shocked me with her baseball skills. She was hitting the ball HARD when I was pitching it to her. She's barely 5 and is hitting a pitched ball. And well. She can hit it even farther when she throws the ball up herself then swings. I'm amazed. And her arm is suddenly very good. I took her to a little baseball class last Winter and she had trouble hitting off of a tee. We have not practiced at all since then. Man, she's getting to be a big girl!!

Amelia is in a fun stage...the 'I'm testing you' stage. If she's being naughty and I ask, "do you want a time out?" she smiles and nods. Then she jumps off of the time out chair over and over, smiling at me with her devilish little grin. For Chris she does not do this. She also loves to see how fast she can make me looking at me, giving the devilish grin, then running for the street.

A few photos from this morning. There are a lot of photos of the girls on the Soul Reflection Blog
from a little mini-session I did with them yesterday.

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