Monday, December 17, 2007

Cookie Party!!

What a weekend! I'm exhausted. I had a senior portrait session on Saturday. It was down in Milwaukee and we were in the midst of a pretty messy snow storm. I had a lot of fun with her, though, and also enjoyed being able to spend some time with my sister (it was my nephew's girlfriend that I was photographing). Sunday I had a photo session in Oshkosh with a large family...some of my favorite and most regular clients. I had a lot of fun with that, then rushed home to get ready for a big cookie party. Libby was having three of her best friends over to make Christmas cookies. Keep in mind they were all 4 or 5....and add in Amelia and we were in for a mess and a lot of fun. Our kitchen floor was barely visible due to a carpet of sprinkles...and I'm not exaggerating. Thank God my friend, Dani, stayed and helped. It is her son Ethan who is Libby's long time fiancee. I'm including a LOT of photos below.

There was not much sleep to be had in our house this weekend, either. Amelia suddenly figured out how to climb out of her crib on Friday night. And how to open her bedroom door. Need I say more??

Photos from the cookie party....

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Norah said...

Ok, those are five of the cutest kids I have ever seen! If I were to have favorites (which we know I don't...) the cookie makers would be it!Looks like they all had a good time! Also, LOVE the new website! It's must be so happy!