Saturday, December 29, 2007


There has been very little sleep for Chris and I lately. Get your mind out of the's for a clean reason.
Amelia moved into her big girl bed. It takes a good hour or more every night of sitting in her room so that she will stay in her bed while fighting sleep, tossing and turning, talking to herself, singing, throwing covers off her bed, stretching as far as she can to get them back without actually leaving her bed, kicking, making shadow puppets on from the light of the night light, shaking the little bed rails that keep her from falling out, peeking at us to see if we're still there...... When she finally falls asleep we sneak out on our hands and knees and very slowly pull the door shut. With a sigh of relief and silent 'thank you' prayer we creep back into the living room. Within ten minutes there is usually the sound of an opening door and little feet padding down the hall and accross the kitchen floor. During the night there is always as least one similar episode and we once again need to sit in her room for anywhere from 10 minutes to a half hour. After a couple of hours of sleep we are awoken at about 5am.
This morning I woke up to her jumping onto my chest HARD at about 5. That was one hell of a wake up call, let me tell you.

There are some new photos of the girls and the snow in our yard on my Soul Reflection blog.... Soul Reflection Blog

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