Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fun Business Cards

I've been creating a custom business card after every session. I pick one of my favorite shots, then make it into a card, print it on wallets, give the client six and keep a couple for myself. I stole the idea from my friend Amy, a photographer I met through the Audrey Woulard workshop. People love it. And are more likely going to pass out my card if it has their child's face on it :) Here are a couple of recent, huh? (I covered up phone and last name)
I am excited to load some of the photos from today's family session. There are some beautiful ones of my friend's three month old baby. (that's her on the card where she's in the grass) I hope to load them to the site tomorrow.

1 comment:

Amy Hall said...

Awesome Job Girlfriend!!!
Love all the cards, great job picking your favs and showing your aray of talent!
Love them!!