Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Getting Back on Track

Last week was my first week back running since the marathon. I took two weeks off to recover. I only did two short runs last week, however...easing back in and testing out the legs. This week I'm trying to ease back towards my normal training routine. I'm doing the Half Marathon again in September, so need to keep motivated. Tonight was four miles. I'll be shooting for three weekday runs of 4-6 miles and a weekend long run with Jo. This week is 10 miles, and we'll usually be somewhere from 9-13 miles for a while. It feels good to get back into it. I always start feeling a little lost and unfocused without running. Makes me wonder what I did before I started three years ago!!!

I mailed in my signed offer letter today, so it's all official! I start my new job on July 9, after taking a week off in between jobs. I'm at the annual conference next week, though, so I'll get a little taste of it then. I'll be meeting many of my future accounts while I'm there.

Chris is sick and stayed home today...sore throat, groggy, headache.... Libby has been coughing... and now my throat hurts and am coughing. That's just great, huh? I need to start taking a daily multi-vitamin and Airbornes!!

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