Saturday, June 09, 2007


It looks as though I'm going to be getting an offer for the job I've been interviewing for! I was told by the the person who will be my boss that it should come this next week...and that I should register for their annual conference as a staff member. I'm extremely excited about the opportunity. It's been a long process. I first discussed it with my future boss back in February, and since then have interviewed via phone many times and in person in North Carolina and Chicago. This position is definitely worth the wait. Looks like I'll be starting in the beginning of July!

The girls are doing well. Libby spent the afternoon with LuLu (that's what the girls call my mother) a couple of days ago and had a blast. She hasn't had much one-on-one time with her in a while and loved every minute of it.

Amelia is saying several new words every few days now. Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. It's so nice that she can communicate her needs...although she still likes to communicate those needs by throwing tantrums and screaming as loud as she can :) My Monkey throws a very impressive tantrum. Libby never really threw any when she was little and I was so thankful for that. We've been making up for that with Monkey!

Things are going well with my Photography. I'm preparing to shoot three weddings this Summer, have a newborn session scheduled as well as a session at a horse farm. FUN!
Speaking of photographing at farms....I went out to Jo's farm yesterday to do another series of 'life on the farm' photos. It was one of my best shoots so far, I think. I put a few of them on the Soul Reflection blog...check them out!!

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