Sunday, June 17, 2007

New Camera!!!!!!

I'm so freaking excited!!! I just ordered a new camera body! I'm an Olympus girl, which is not so common for professional photographers. Most are Nikon or Cannon people. My dad always loved Olympus and I love to use a camera that my dad would have loved. I've had my current camera, an Olympus E-300, for three years and it's served me very well. I am upgrading now to the newest model of the Olympus Evolt, the E-510. While my old one was 8 megapixels, this one is 10. The new one has advanced camera stabilization which will help me a ton...because I tend to have a bit of a tremor (thanks to my dad's genes). It also has three focus points, making it much easier to get a crisp image. It works with all of my current lenses, so nothing has to change there. I was going to have to rent another camera for each of my three weddings coming up, so that I had a back up in case of camera malfunction. That would have been very costly. Now I will have a back up for all of my shoots, which will make me feel much better...just in case.

Speaking of my dad...I miss him something fierce. He's been gone nearly three years now and I really can't believe that. It sometimes feels like yesterday that I last saw his smart-assed grin and heard his laugh. Other times it feels like forever ago. He was one heck of a guy...WWII veteran, funny as one could be, a smart ass, intelligent, and incredible with woodwork and photography. I'm so sad sometimes that he's not here to hug my girls and to make them laugh. Libby had a very special connection with him when she was little. Happy Father's Day, Dad.

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