Monday, October 15, 2007

Don't Mess with Texas!

Tonight I'm writing from a hotel room in Dallas, TX. As always, my travel has provided me with much to write about.
Getting here was a mess. I walked into the airport at 6am to the longest line I've ever seen at our small airport. My flight was at 7, so I wasn't overly concerned. It was actually pretty entertaining standing in that long and slow-moving line...I got to watch a lot of people stroll through the automatic doors with tired but relaxed nonchalance.....and then see their face fall into a look of horror...and then read their lips (and minds) as they go into a fit of not-so-well-hidden swearing.

Made it to my connecting flight in Minneapolis on time and found my gate. I had received an email from my boss saying that all flights into Dallas were delayed at least two hours due to bad storms...but the lady at the desk and the pilot standing nearby both assured me that there was to be no delay. Got into the air on time, as promised... and then we got stuck there. Stuck in a strange vortex above Dallas....flying in circles over and over and over for nearly two hours. Finally the pilot was able to break free of the bizarre air pattern and we made it to the damp and steaming ground of Dallas.

After our meetings we went to the Texas State fair. Home of 'Big Tex' (yes there were photographs of me and the big man) huge hump-backed cows, six inch tall horses, and two headed snakes. It was a bust, though....not too many people there and not too much going on. I'm glad I got to experience it, though, especially with my Texas Tour Guide, Ms Michelle. We both wore cowboy hats and she even had some kickin' cowgirl boots. She looked MUCH cooler than me, that's for sure. But us Cheeseheads just don't look cool in cowboy hats....we're more suited to the big orange rubber wedge hats of Packer glory.

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