Sunday, October 28, 2007

wow, I've been neglecting the blog!

Our life has been absolutely insane lately...and this blog has been neglected. Between my work and traveling about 3 days a week and my booming photography business I've had no time to give an update. I do update the photography blog at least a couple of times a day, so if you'd like to see what I've been up to check there.

Yesterday my mother got married. The girls got to be flower girls and loved it. It was at their house, so it was nice and quiet. Very nice. I am working on proofing the photos from the wedding, and I'll post some when I'm done today. :)

Halloween is on top of us and we don't even have costumes yet. Life is too busy! I am traveling Monday through Wednesday this week and Chris' parents are staying with the girls and dogs, since Chris is also traveling for work. I'm going to have to con someone into helping me with that. I'm having bad mom guilt about it, too. Thank God I get home in time to take the girls trick-or-treating.

I have been averaging two sessions a week lately, which I'm loving. I'm doing mini sessions again on Saturday afternoon out on a farm complete with a sleigh, so can get Christmas photos.

That's about it for today. I'll try and be better, I promise.

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Anonymous said...

You are busy! I bet you havent had time for running.What are the cuties going to be for halloween? I sent you an e-mail to your photography website. :) Youre pictures are absolutely beautiful...