Sunday, October 07, 2007

Zoo Day!!!

We went to the Milwaukee zoo yesterday and had a great day. It was a little too hot at 86 degrees, but the zoo was fairly deserted which made it much nicer. Both Libby and Amelia had a blast and were such great girls. Libby walked the entire time (it's a big zoo) and Amelia never cried (that's a treat). We were all exhausted by the time we got home. I jumped into proofing the photos from Friday's one-year-old session (several are on my Soul Reflection blog...I really like these) and worked on that until I started to fall asleep on the computer. I cruised through the session and finished them up this morning already. I brought some feather boas to the session and loved how they looked in photographs. I'll be using them a lot, I think! I have another session next Saturday and am really psyched for this one. Two beautiful girls of COMPLETELY different skin tones (both are adopted, one very blonde and the other African American). I get to do some at their home and then finish up out at a pumpkin patch. I am hoping that Chris will bring our girls out there, too, so I can catch up with them when I finish the session.
I am on the road three days this week..Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, but hopefully Thursday's will be on the motorcycle again if the weather is nice. The last two weeks I've visited the same place in Milwaukee and have been able to take Maxie the BMW :) Makes for a good day when you're paid to ride your bike for three hours!!!
I just discovered Amelia in by the dogs while they were eating. She came out with a mouth full of dog food. That's my girl...eating anything in sight.....

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