Saturday, August 25, 2007

Faceplant Photos

Well, the photos do not do the faceplant justice...her bangs cover the big one on her forehead and the ones on her cheek got better overnight. The scab on the left side (your right) of her nose is the only visible one. But you get the idea. And one of Chumley for fun...and had better include one of Libby, too, to be fair.

I'm running long-ish tomorrow morning with Jo. Probably about eight miles. I'm fighting off a bad cough so we'll see.

Libby and Amelia went to the doctor this morning. Libby has Strep Throat and Monkey seems to just have a bad cough. They are sending in a culture just to be sure, though. I'm coughing and both my throat and Chris' are sore...but that could be our imaginations getting to us. :)

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