Monday, August 13, 2007

Three States, Three Days, Five Flights

I'm writing from the airport in Cleveland...first stop on my whirlwind tour of the Midwest. I'm meeting my boss-man in baggage claim, as he's joining me on these first three visits to my accounts. Tomorrow I'll fly to Minneapolis and then on to Chicago after that. I'm excited to be getting into the meat of the new job!
I shot a wedding on Saturday and am very happy with the results. I put 12 of my favorites so far up on the Soul Reflection blog if you'd like to see.
Ran eight miles yesterday with Jo (on her birthday...she's now as old as me) and it was HARD for me. Seriously, I'm really struggling on runs lately. We made the big decision to take next year off of marathons. After three marathons, I need a break to get inspired once again. Instead of training for the super long race, we're going to focus on mid-distance events like 15Ks. I'll still do the half-marathon next month but after that it will be a change of pace (literally) as we go for a little more speed and shorter distances. Maybe that will get me excited about running again...

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