Thursday, August 02, 2007

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings....

I am very busy with photography right now, which is wonderful...but makes for long days, since I'm also working my new job which is starting to really pick up. For the last two weeks I've been staying up very late every night proofing wedding photos from two weekends ago. Something like 450 photos :) I am very happy with how they turned out, and I put some samples up on my Soul Reflection Blog...check 'em out :)
I have another wedding in two weeks, and yet another three weeks after that. I also have an appointment tonight and a newborn session on Saturday!!! I'm amazed at how my photo business has taken off in the last six months. I have had some wonderful clients who have really spread the word for me.
Between a great new career and my photography, I'm very blessed professionally.
And I'm obviously blessed a thousand times over with my amazing family. Amelia is saying more and more words every single day and just blows me away. I cannot believe that she's only two months away from her 2nd birthday. And Libby is getting TALL. It seems as though she's grown two inches overnight. She's got her streak of funky color back in her hair (after much begging) and this time it is bright purple :) She's such a freespirit and I love it. She's definitely my girl in that way....good thing, too, or nobody would believe she's mine since she looks so much like Chris. Amelia looks nearly exactly like I did at her age, with the exception of her eyes which are ALL Daddy.

Speaking of dads, mine would have been 85 on his birthday a week ago. My God I miss him. It's been nearly three years. I just got a land line for the office and the last four digits of the number they assigned me are the date he died...weird, huh?

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Anonymous said...

The phone # is kind of neat thing though, being his birth date & you will always think of him when you see it. I know what you mean with missing him. I miss mine too. Hugs to you!