Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hello Chicago!!

Well, I'm on my last leg of the trip. I'm in Chicago and will fly home late this afternoon/early evening. I can't wait to see my family :)
I ran four miles by O'Hare this morning in extremely humid weather. Ouch for the lungs, otherwise good.

SO it's been a weird 12 hours.... I came home from dinner and took of my shoes and went over by the head of the bed to discover a wet floor. Gross. We stay in very nice hotels, so this was odd. Had it been Mo's Highway Motel it would be expected. Then, I kept hearing weird biggie, it's a hotel you know? As I was working, laying on the bed, I kept feeling like something was brushing up against my leg, but nothing was there. When I went to bed at 11pm I turned off the tv and closed my eyes. About fifteen minutes later the tv turned on by itself. Eeeeek. I didn't sleep all that well.

Edited to add: I got out of the shower and grabbed my towel...and thanks to my OCD behavior checked it over before using it...thankfully, since I found a short curly black hair (you know the ones) stuck to it.

Edited AGAIN to add: I forgot one more thing...when I was out running at 6am, I came across a large puddle. So i tiptoed around it on the curb. In the middle of the tiptoeing, however, a car drove by and sent up a splash all over me..the likes only seen in movies.

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Anonymous said...

"the puddle" it's cracking me up! It is just like in the movies :)