Friday, August 24, 2007


This evening Monkey left the audience stunned and amazed at her outstanding and spectacular performance in the faceplant event. The crowd gasped with horror as she ran down the driveway, arms flailing and out of control...stubbed her right toe on the concrete and sprung into the air with impressive velocity. Time slowed to a near standstill as the crowd pointed and jumped to their feet, watching the athlete's perfect form...arms extended, back straight, toes she sliced through the humid air towards the concrete. The landing was equally impressive, punctuating the event with a two bounces, a skid, and audible thud. The crowd waited, barely containing their nerves as the judges made their calculations.... and then it was announced........ the crowd was on it's feet in silence...... 9.8!!!!!!!!!!! The athlete wiped blood from the side of her nose as she pumped her fists in the air, screaming......

I'll take photos tomorrow. It's pretty impressive. Road rash on her nose, cheek, and forehead. That's my girl.

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