Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Growing, Growing, Growing.

My little squirt is growing like a weed. Well, actually two of my girls are. Libby has grown so much lately. She looks so old and ready for school....it's scary how fast that happened.
And the other growing girl is Phoebe. She is growing fast and is a very good puppy. I plan on taking photos of her each weekend to track her growth. Take a look and see if you notice a difference!
Things are good in the house--my photography business is thriving, Libby is super excited for school, Amelia has been a sweetheart (she's nearing three, does that mean no more 'terrible twos'?? Chumley and Holly are adjusting well to the new puppy. Holly wrestles with her and she follows Chumley around outside with a look of pure love on her face. But really, whats not to love about my old man???

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Textual Chocolate said...

you never have pictures of the other dogs... you're playing favorites! Chumley and Holly are probably thinking, "great, another b-tch in the house!"