Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Amelia's 18 Month Appointment

I took Amelia to her 18 month check up yesterday. She is 26 lbs, falling in the 80th percentile and is 31.5 inches tall, the 40th percentile. She's doing great as far as her developmental markers...she should say at least five words at this age (she says a lot more than that...I should write up a new list), but is already stringing two words together, such as "bye Grandma" and "bye Norah". (Also is obsessed with saying 'cheers' and clinking glasses whenever someone is drinking something) She's right on target with the need to use the word "no" as much as possible.

We've been concerned for a long time about the amount of fluids that Monkey drinks, and we talked it over with the doctor. She would drink non-stop if we let her. When we don't give her something (preferably milk) in her sippy cup she screams, cries, and knocks on the refrigerator door yelling 'Please?? Please?' In the three hours that she is home in the evening (between picking her up and putting her to bed) she would easily drink five or more large sippy cups if we let her. During the night she wakes for more. It is clear that her thirst is not boredom or habit, but actual thirst. So they are going to test for diabetes and various endocrinology disorders. I hope to hear some results tomorrow.
At the same time, they are making us restrict the amount of milk she only three cups a day. Please see the above in red. We also have to restrict the amount of fluids in general, which makes the above (in red) even worse. This is because she has problems with her poop and they don't know if it's from drinking so much milk and other fluids or if it's an allergy.
So, my poor little girl thinks we're torturing her and it is breaking my heart.

Edited to add updated list of Amelia words:
thank you
......I am blanking now.... there are many more....

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