Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's Finally Here!!!!

When I signed up for Audrey Woullard's photography workshop back in February, a large part of me truly believed that the world would stop turning and time would stand still. The day would never come. I would be stuck in a painful, never-ending, and debilitating wrinkle in time, knowing that the day of the workshop would never arrive.

BUT IT CAME!!!!!!!!

I leave tomorrow and I'm extremely excited and hugely nervous. I will learn so much and will return a much better photographer. But what if I'm the only one there who just can't catch on... or who nobody likes..... or Audrey thinks I'm a big poser....

I am going to run eight miles early in the morning, then get ready to hop in The Hornet and drive 1.5-2 hours to meet up with the only other Wisconsinite going to the workshop, then we'll drive down together. The whole group is meeting for dinner, then the workshop begins Monday morning and runs through Tuesday afternoon.

I'll be tired but on a major high when I drag myself into work on Wednesday morning. BUT I'm only there for two days, then go BACK down to Chicago on Friday for a final interview. (I haven't written anything about that on the blog...but I've been going through a two-month-long interview process and it's all coming down to Friday's meeting. THEN I run 20 miles on Sunday and jump on a plane to Charlotte Monday morning for a field force meeting until Wednesday. By Thursday I should be pretty spent....but hopefully very happy. We'll see. Please say prayers and cross fingers.


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