Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Return of the 38 Word Movie Review!!

Okay, several people have pointed out that I'm not posting my movie reviews anymore. I will made up for that and keep back on track.

Three (cheesy) movies I've seen recently:

Jackass: The Movie
My husband selected this one for the Netflix queue. Puking, bottle rockets in grown men's butts, rocket skates, alligators in houses, muscle stimulator on testicles. A truly classy movie. Johnny Knoxville is hot, though. Must see to believe.

Muy caliente (very hot, for you gringos) illegal Mexican hottie and soccer player from Los Angelas wacko angry father and goes to England to play futbol. Santiago trades in landscaping boots for soccer cleats and becomes a star.

Patches O'Hoolihan from Dodgeball plays General of the secret superhero army. Courtney can't-get-a-decent-post-Friends-role Cox is a nerdy scientist and Tim Allen's a aging hero. Child superheroes in training save the world. Cheesy.

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