Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Official Workshop Recap

Hmmmm, what is there to say about the Audrey Woulard workshop........


Yep, sure was.I met some amazing women (and one man, Devon...the brave soul...) and learned more than I even know yet. I learned tons about the business end of photography. I grew as a photographer. My confidence grew. My images are more colorful. I'm shooting fully manual.Audrey is incredible with a camera, but even more impressive as a business woman. I admire her and respect her, and hope that I'll be fortunate enough to continue learning from her.I have been intimidated by the little 'M' on my camera for years. It has taunted me. I desperately wanted to turn the dial and step into the world of complete control. But I was so..... scared. On the first morning of the workshop I admitted that I did not shoot entirely manually.

Audrey then had a couple of sessions that morning so that we could observe and see how she interacts with her subjects and what she does technically. During a break she said that we could get up and take some shots of the little girl.... and I took a deep breath and turned the dial. The "M" stared me in the face, daring me to trip the shutter.

....and wouldn't you know it, I took better photos than I've ever done inside in natural light. I adjusted the shutter speed, tweaked the ISO, and opened the aperature up wide.... and it was magic--It all worked. I have a way to go, but I'm proud of myself and already see a difference in my work.

Things have changed on the business side, too. I've designed my business cards, changed my session fee and print prices, am working on marketting materials. I'm excited. And Audrey told me that she knows my business will 'rock'. How about that for something to type up and hang on my mirror to look at every day?

Here are some more of my photographs from the workshop.

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