Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dungeon Runnin'

I ran eight miles outside on Sunday and it was hard. I did them fast (for me) and alone. My asthma was horrible and I spent the entire run wheezing and making noises which scared away baby bunnies and squirrels. I usually do longer runs with Jo, which makes it easier since she can tie a rope around my waist and drag me along behind her. I asked a few people along the way if they could try the rope technique, but they declined (while running away). I made it home that day, immediately falling into a dripping, limping, wheezing heap.
Yesterday was a rest day (except for the recently reinstated ab work) thankfully, since I was feeling a bit like Jello brand gelatin in a glass bowl on a skateboard on a 7.5 % incline...well decline.
Today I was still feeling sore in my left knee, right quad, and tight in both calves. Unfortunately I was scheduled for five miles. There is also the week-long headache to further complicate things.
I forced myself to get on the dreaded hamster wheel in the dungeon. I could not find my inhaler but I ran anyway...don't tell Chris or my doctor.
Managed to suffer through the five miles, the now-familiar noises escaping from my lungs. This time, however, there were no horrified small mammals. Instead I saw centipedes, spiders, mice, and dust bunnies running for their little lives. Doesn't running five miles in place in a dungeon sound like a blast???? Like, for sure...it was totally rad!!
It's been four hours now, and I think I'm nearly done sweating. And I figure that my legs should start holding me up without the broomsticks duct taped to them within a couple of hours.

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Amy said...

I laughed so hard about the rope comments. Oh, some days I wish someone would pull me back home when I run farther out than I should.