Sunday, July 15, 2007

Maxie and Me

I LOVE my new bike. She is so easy to ride...light, nimble, incredible cornering. Yesterday we took a ride and stopped by Chris' parents for about ten minutes. His mom took a couple of photos....isn't she tough and cool and hot??? (Maxie, not the oaf sitting on her)


Anonymous said...

How sweet it is :)

Tammie said...


Don't know how I came across your blog. I was looking for Christmas card ideas. Ended up here and looked around when I saw the word motorcycle.

I learned to ride last year bought a '97 BMW f650 Funduro to learn on. Her name is Molly from the song '1952 Vincent Black Lightening.'

"Red hair and black leather my favorite color scheme." :)

Anyhow, I'm addicted now.

My husband and his riding bud have a website that has stories about their adventures on their Beemers.

Congrats on Maxie! She's beautiful!

Tammie from Michigan