Sunday, July 08, 2007

Where's the bathroom? (and other thought-provoking questions)

Tomorrow is my first day of the new job. The process leading up to the job offer was such a long one that it doesn't seem real that it's finally here. It's also a very different type of first day. Generally on the night before a first day at a job I'm fretting about what to wear, who to sit with at lunch, where the bathrooms are, how much I have to learn, and whether or not I'll like the people with whom I work. Tonight, however, It's totally different. It's a strange feeling. I work from home when I'm not on the road and so far the only things I'm sure of are 1) I'm going to training in Charlotte, NC for one week later in the month and 2) Tomorrow I have to go and buy some office equipment, arrange to have a land line installed for the office, and switch my cellular plan.
I find myself wondering things like:
*What time should I get up tomorrow?'s not like I have to be at the office at 8am like one would when going to a new job in an office.... but I guarantee I'll feel guilty tomorrow morning if I am checking email or reading a magazine while I'm waiting to hear from my boss.
*What to wear? .....Should I wear a suit to the office supply place to feel like I'm actually 'working'...or perhaps run my errands in my favorite pj's?
*Who do I eat lunch with? ....Chumley would be my preference, but he's become gassy in his old age.....
*Where is the bathroom? ....okay, so six months in this house have let me grow accustomed to the floorplan....but what about at Office Depot????
*Do I have to listen to easy listening adult contemporary during the workday or can I get away with some Twisted Sister? I mean, I don't want to bother the guy in the next cubicle...
*What time is my lunch break? ....Can I eat at my desk or is that against policy? (I've heard that the lady who cleans the office is a real bitch)

I'm excited to get going and get into the rhythm of the job. Once I'm busy (and I'll be busy) I'll figure out what works and what my typical office day will look like. Until then, it is a strange feeling.

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