Monday, August 21, 2006

The (almost) weekly 38 Word Movie Review and 12 Mile Adventure Run Report

Jo and I ran twelve miles yesterday morning. It was the best run since the marathon by far. It was nice and cool out (which made a huge difference), my hip didn't hurt at all, energy level was great, and there was great scenery and conversation. Punctuated by one heck of a non-fat latte. We saw a gaggle of cranes (is that what you call a group of cranes? A flock? A herd? A swarm? A school? A gang? A crew? A Band?) two Blue Herons in two separate places, a baby bunny or two, and lots of native Wisconsin arm-swinging, beer-belly-bouncing, terry-cloth-headband-sportin' men and women.
Mr Banana Man who almost ran us over on his bicycle, completely unapologetically, twice was also a highlight. We were running on a blacktop trail out in some wetlands outside of town. There are signs posted right on the trail about 'bicyclists calling out a warning and slowing down' for walkers/runners. and Mr Banana Man (he had a banana peel hanging out of the back of his shorts....I don't think he was, in fact, happy to see me) came up from behind us, didn't say a word, and when we heard his bike and turned around, he just kept on coming. No "on your left!!" no "on your right!!" not even a "stand up, sit down, fight fight fight!!" We each jumped different directions and he swirved around, not knowing which way to go, and he came within a couple of feet of running down my running partner. I was just a little fired up. And when we passed him going the other direction a half hour later he did just the same.
Then there was the little military man. He was a short and stocky muscular man with a flat top who looked like he just got out of the army. He was a fast runner. He passed us going one direction and said a nice hello. When he got to the end, he turned around and chased us down, passing us with a nice little (but possibly condescending?) "nice job!" and we didn't see him again. Until we got off of the trail and were heading back into town and he drove by, honking, and saluting us. Gave him a salute, a wave, and a "thanks, here all week!". A couple of blocks later we heard a loud kissing noise and looked over to see a middle aged man literally hanging out of his car window and cat-calling us. How 'bout that? Oh yeah, baby, we're attracting the highest quality passers by out there!!!
We finished the run in our fastest time yet for a 12 mile training run. Next week we run a light one, maybe eight miles, then go for our half-marathon personal record the week after. Then it's tapering for me for two weeks before I run the Fox Cities Half-Marathon with Chris on the 24th of September.

38 Word Movie Review
The Gnomemobile
1960's Vintage Disney movie. Slow beginning but really livens up when twelve single female gnomes engage in a game of catch-the-greased-bachelor-gnome to decide who will be his mate. Seriously. Abundant chiffon, bubbles, and leaping.

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