Thursday, August 03, 2006

New Stuff!

**New teeth!! Amelia has two new teeth on top this week. She has been a trooper about it. These two didn't seem nearly as hard for her as the first four. I cannot believe she is ten months old, has six teeth, and wants to walk SOOOO badly.

**New running PR!! I ran fast last night. Well, fast for me. I ran five miles and both the first 5K and the full 5 miles were the fastest I've run before!! And my hip only bothered a little.

**New toy!! I should receive my new Garmin Forerunner 205 tomorrow!! Right now I have the Forerunner 101, and I've wanted the 205 for AGES. The 205 comes with a docking station and software, so you plug it into your computer after a run and it does a full analysis of your performance. That's in addition to all of the other amazing things it does. (The Forerunners are little watch-like GPS systems for running...sort of like VERY fancy pedometers/mapping devices)

**New pants size!! Did I mention that when I went clothes shopping last week or the week before that all of the pants I bought were 1 or 2 sizes smaller than last time? Yep. It's true. My old, happy, pre-pregnancies size. And some of them are actually a little too big.

**New favorite movies!! I am loving Netflix. I have a new favorite movie, Amelie, about which I've talked here before... and another that I love is Shawshank Redemption. It's completely different than I always thought it would be.

**New (not replacing my other two, just adding to them) running partner maybe!!! Chris ran again last night!! I'm so excited. I really hope that we can go for some long runs together out on county trails, alone. It would be so good for us.

**New smell in my car!! I think I have managed to kill the wretched odor that has permeated my car since last week when I spilled an entire large non-fat latte on the driver's side floor...and had to let it sit, soaking in, for nine hours in 95 degree heat before I went home and could clean it. I'm pretty sure that I saw cottage cheese in there...or bleu cheese...or something....when I lifted out my floor mat. It seems that steam cleaning, scrubbing, and giving it an inch-thick (not exaggerating) coating of Arm and Hammer for a few hours has done the trick. I did not gag when I got in it tonight to get the girls. And it had been closed up all day in the heat.

**New Physical Therapist!!! Well, just for today. My regular one was on vacation. But I will say that I didn't mind all that much. He was pretty dreamy...and he kept touching my glutes.

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