Monday, August 28, 2006

A Little Look Back

Somehow Amelia turns one year old in less than a month. She's starting to form words, walking along furniture (and as of today walking well with the walker toy that she pushes in front of her!!), eating better than her big sister, and standing on her own for short periods. Just over one year ago she was laying on her back, blinking, crying, pooping, sleeping, and giving us her first fleeting little smiles.
One year ago I was the size of a small rhino, stretching my maternity t-shirts to within a millimeter of their polyester lives, waddling around like I was doing a bad imitation of that "march of the penguin" movie, and moaning that I wanted my body to belong to me again. If it weren't for the loose belly skin (from being stretched to it's limit three times) I might actually think that it was all a strange science fiction dream....about aliens taking over my stomach and making me give up running and any sense of style. Here I am, back in all of my pants, at the same weight as I was before 'The Great U-Haul Incident' (let's just say Amelia was a surprise), and having run one full marathon and two half-marathons in Amelia's first year. A lot more tired than before, quite a bit more busy, and doubly happy.
She's been saying "hi" regularly now. It's officially her first real word. She says it, and waves, to herself in the mirror and to anyone else who will respond with a smile, wave, and a HI in return. And she's very proud of herself.
A little comparison of what a difference 11 months makes.....

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g. said...

Amelia was a very cute newborn! Hard to believe that your body can undergo those sort of changes in just a years time.