Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Libby went to the dentist tonight and got her teeth all sparkly. It's the best dentist ever. The entire inside is murals and awesome jungle decor...monkeys hanging from the huge fake trees, fake parrots, etc. It's so cool. She did great, too. Got her teeth cleaned, fluoride treatments, and a check up. It's fun to go there with her, because all of the office staff and hygienists/dentist remember her from when she first came in a little before her first birthday. She was new to walking and fell in our living room, hitting her front teeth on a large ceramic planter that holds my big Ficus tree. I wasn't home, but Chris said that the sound was awful. Her top front tooth was gone. He took her to the ER and they said that it looked like it had snapped off at the gumline and to get her to the pediatric dentist the next morning. Well, as it turned out, she had actually hit it just so, so the tooth was shoved back up into her head and was sitting way up between two adult teeth that were already forming up in her jaw. We were horrified. The dentist said that it may 'grow' back out but be dead, may stay up in there and need surgery, or could possibly 'grow' back out and be fine, since the tooth (and Libby) was so young. We went back every couple of weeks, then months, for the next year. Incredibly, it came back out and was fine! A little crooked, but fine! We won't know if it affected her adult teeth until they come in, but for now all is well. Anyway, now she just goes in for six month check ups and cleanings and they love her. Tonight they all went on and on about how Libby was about Amelia's age when she first started going there. Libby got 'sparkles' on her teeth (she says this whenever we brush them or she gets them cleaned, no we did not have rhinestones attached to her teeth as is the big gangsta' fad right now...) got strawberry flavored goo, got to play with "Mr. Thirsty" (the suction tube thingie that they use to suck the water out of your mouth), got a new pink toothbrush, AND a 'diamond' bracelet. We won't tell her that it's actually multi-colored plastic beads....

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