Saturday, August 19, 2006


This morning Libby was wearing my wedding ring and I asked her for it back. She didn't want to hand it over but I told her that it was my special ring that says that I'm married to Daddy. She started sobbing and ran to Chris and told him through her tears that she needs a ring because she's marrying Ethan. Ethan is her boyfriend. They love each other (and tell each other often) and talk about getting married. They call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. It's adorable.

Jo and I are running twelve miles in the morning, bright and early. We should be home before 8:30 or so. Then we have to get the house ready for another open house. In the afternoon I am supposed to take engagement portraits of my friend Megan and her fiancee.I'm also doing her wedding, but that's not for a year or so. Speaking of photography, we bought Libby Fisher Price's new camera tonight. It's a real digital camera, made for children ages 3-6...made for being dropped and thrown and otherwise beaten up. It has two view finders, like a ViewMaster, so it's easy to see through. And it's pink and flowery and I love it. I may trade her.

Have I mentioned that I may go to prison for arson? It's true. If this house does not sell SOON, you can expect to see my mugshot in the news for setting a cute little 1950's ranch-style on fire using a blow-torch and diesel fuel. I wonder how I should do my hair...maybe pull it up to show off my cheekbones...those mugshot photographers are notorious for poor lighting and unflattering angles....

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