Monday, November 13, 2006

Another Photo of Libby Was Chosen

....I hadn't submitted a photo of either kid since the hoopla of last time when Libby's entry got to the finals a few months back....and for some reason decided to submit one I took of her when she bumped her head and got an impressive goose egg on her forehead. With the tear and the bump and the sad eyes, I think it tells a story to which every parent can relate. Anyway, it was selected for the contest.
That means it's time to review this old post:

And if you'd like to see it or vote, go to choose the option to vote in the preschooler contest and there she is. Don't do it more than once a day or she's disqualified. Ends this coming Sunday,

We picked out paint for the new house and begin painting this week!
And I have my sinus surgery on Dec we have to be totally moved in by then.

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