Saturday, November 04, 2006

Photo Session Season!

It must be portrait season! Things are really starting to take off with my photography business lately. More and more people have been booking sessions and I have at least one shoot each week this month, and I know of several more people who will be booking spots very soon. Word is getting out and I'm thrilled. I have also got two weddings coming up this summer and another as soon as they set the date. I cannot wait to get into our new house where there is a very nice basement (normal height ceilings and poured walls)because I'll be able to turn one corner into a little studio.

Today I have two:
The first is of a mom and her two children, ages 8 and 10. They are all runners and it's something that they share, so I asked if I could do half of their shoot out on the local track. Afterwards we'll get some more studio shots. I'll be sure to post a few.

After that I'm doing some very special portraits of my best friend and running partner, Jo. Jo is a true inspiration. A model of strength, determination, drive, dedication. In the last two years or so she has lost about 95 pounds and taken up running...and she ran the Green Bay Marathon with me. To commemorate the accomplishment I'm doing a portrait of Jo with her medal and running gear.

Speaking of running, I was back on track this week with three runs and although still slow did a little more distance. My asthma was giving me a little trouble, which could still be lingering effects of my cold...hopefully I'll see an improvement next week.

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