Sunday, November 19, 2006


I finally had a moment to sit down and figure out why my new strobe/umbrella wasn't working with my camera. Oh my God I can't tell you how much better I feel now that I have it working right. The quality of my portraits is going to be a hundred times better with this new strobe, and I'm psyched. Next thing is to get the backdrops painted in my studio and get it all set up...but that doesn't happen until we're moved in and done painting.
Have I mentioned that our completion date for the move is now moved up to December 1??????????? December 1 is V-Day. (Chris' vasectomy) so he won't be able to move anything for a few days, and then my big sinus surgery is on the 5th. (for which I'm freaking out, by the way)
We're progressing on the painting. Libby's room is done (except for the clouds I'm painting on her ceiling) and looks awesome--blue sky ceiling and pretty spring green walls, master bathroom and bedroom are done--two different shades of denim blue, main bathroom is done--bright yellow, and the living room has a couple coats on of the beautiful and rich looking rust (rusty orange/red), but it's going to take a couple more coats to be done. After that it's just Amelia's room (blue, with big tropical fish painted on the walls (Chris' mom and I will do that this weekend) the kitchen/dining room, which happens to be the toughest room to paint. It will be a nice mellow light green.
Here are a couple shots of my little ladies from tonight when I was testing my new strobe.

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