Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New Photography Blog Coming Soon

Things have really started taking off with my photography business. I need to get my business cards and such made and get a website. Since I don't have the capital to have a website designed, I'm going to have a custom blog made for my business. There I will post my fees, etc, and post samples of my recent work for prospective clients to check out. I will still keep up this blog as usual but will have the other solely for photography. When she's up and running I'll add the link to this blog so you can check her out :)

Ran five miles tonight.

I had a CT Scan today on my face, in preparation for my sinus surgery. I see the ENT again next week to get that all set up. My three main concerns about the surgery are:
1. missing work--one to two weeks, I think.
2. potentially losing my nose ring because of it...I imagine that I'll have to remove it for the surgery and resulting nasal packing.
3. the time off of running. I've just gotten back on schedule and now will have to take a few weeks off again.

I'm going to the doctor on Thursday to figure out the mess that is me.
I have been having extraordinary fatigue (not sleepiness, but full body fatigue so bad that three mile runs feel like full marathons and five milers feel like 100 mile ultras), strange and sudden headaches, excessive bruising for no apparent reason, swelling of the joints, severe joint pain, swelling of the legs, hands, and face, bad lower left quadrant abdominal pain (the doctor felt a lump there and made me get a colonoscopy a few months back...which showed nothing in there and it got dropped...but the pain is getting worse), and my hands often tremor. SO, I'm going in and pushing for answers. Something is obviously not right. Everyone blames all of my weird health stuff on my Stage III Lyme Disease , but that was 18 years ago. I mean, come on. I'm sure that some of my stuff is from the Lyme, but not this stuff. And if it IS from the Lyme then they need to treat me again even if it means hospitalizing me to do so (they tried to treat me again five years ago and the medicine made my white blood cell count bottom out and I had to stop treatment). I will be my own advocate.

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