Friday, November 17, 2006

Sesame Street Live

Tomorrow is a big day for Libby. She starts off by having 'coffee' at Starbucks with her boyfriend, Ethan. After some nice time at the coffee shop, we all pile into The Hornet (my yellow Vue) and head to Green Bay for Sesame Street Live. After the big show, it's all capped off with a nice lunch. Quite the date for a couple of pre-schoolers, ay? I'm pretty sure that I'm as excited as she is.

I have not had any time to play with my new strobe and umbrella to figure out why it's not working right. Every spare moment has been taken up by running (a very small amount) and painting in the new house. I have been showing all of my coworkers the colors that we're pointing out the colors on my hands. "the blue on my knuckles is in the master bathroom....the yellow on my fingernail is the other bathroom...." Actually, I could show people the colors tonight using the color swatch that is my forehead and hair.....

I have to get up and run early in the morning in order to get it in before the big date begins. Not what I want to do on a Saturday morning at six o'clock, but I am one run short this week, and all of them are very short runs as it is.

I'm not sure if I mentioned that I'm being sent to Froedert in Milwaukee to get the full diagnostic treatment to figure out what is wrong with me. They haven't scheduled it yet, and I don't know how long I'll stay there. They are supposed to be excellent and hopefully they will be able to solve the medical mystery that is me. They are like the 'House' hospital of the dairy state.

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