Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sesame Street, aka "The Big Date"

Okay, Sesame Street was FUN!!!! And our little lovebirds had a great day. Danielle, aka "Mommy Ethan" and I took Libby and Ethan to Starbucks for a little coffee (hot chocolate, but don't tell Libby...she loves her 'coffee'), then headed off to pick up their friend Esdon and his mother, our friend Jodi. Drove to Green Bay and found our way into the venue. Once the show started, the kids were completely were we :) At intermission we got Elmo balloons and after the show went to our big lunch at "Uncle Ronald's" (Libby's name for McDonalds). It was a wonderful date for the kids, and us moms had a lot of fun, too. It was a really nice break from painting for me :)
Afterwards, Danielle came over and helped Chris and I paint while Libby and Amelia tried out a new babysitter. Between coffee, tickets, balloons, popcorn, Uncle Ronalds, and a sitter it was a spendy day...but well worth it. Here are some photos.

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